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At Modern Utah Landscape,  we believe that exceptional spaces begin with a solid plan. Our design process in Salt Lake Utah, ensures we get you the space you have always envisioned! 


Our process begins with a consultation where we meet with you to walk your property and discuss your goals and get an understanding of the “Why” behind this project. By the end of our consultation, you'll have a clear picture of how we can transform your outdoor space into everything you want it to be! 

Our Process



Our design process starts with a consultation to discuss your vision, preferences, and budget, followed by a detailed site analysis to help us create a design that works with your space!



Next we develope design concepts based on our consultation & site analysis, refining them into detailed plans with plants, hardscapes, and irrigation for cohesive landscapes.



Let us know any design changes needed. Any solutions we propose that you don’t love? Plants you dislike? Your feedback will help guide the changes so we can work together to create your perfect space!



Now that your design is finalized, it's time for installation! If you go with our team, we'll begin on the decided date and work with you, ensuring your space looks like the space we designed together!

  • Do I need to start with a design?
    Yes! Whether your landscape project is large or small, we begin with design so we can plan your installation effectively. Designing first helps refine ideas, address potential mismatches, and align solutions with your goals and space. We prioritize design to ensure we get you the space you have been visualizing for your space while also making sure it works BEFORE you make significant investments.
  • How much say do I get in the design?
    A lot! We are here to create YOUR dream space. We want to help guide you and make sure it fits your budget and works perfectly with your space and style. During the initial consultation, we will dive into your goals and vision for your project. If you're unsure, no worries! We are happy to help you create what you want according to your end goals using our professional opinion and experience.
  • How do you decide on which plants to add?
    Great question! We prioritize both the appearance and growth of plants, tailored to thrive in our unique environment. Our plant selections are chosen for their suitability to Utah's conditions, ensuring they not only look beautiful but also thrive with minimal maintenance, making your landscape a lasting and low-effort investment.
  • How do you work with different budgets?
    We work within your budget to set realistic expectations and create a space you'll adore. If you can't afford everything you want right now, we'll work within your budget and create a plan for the future to incorporate later on. This ensures you achieve a space you love while managing costs effectively.

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We service through out the Salt Lake Valley from Salt Lake to Eagle Mountain

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